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With our Swiss bank account brokerage service you can open account with some of the biggest banks in Switzerland, most of which have been in operations for over 100 years. We open accounts both by mail and in person, and charge a one time setup fee for our service.

The fee to help to set-up this account for Private individual is USD $1,000
Order Now - USD $1,000.00



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This Swiss bank account offers a powerful internet banking access, the ability to open an account in any one of the several major currencies, an international debit card enabling you to withdraw cash at ATMs anywhere in the world and no minimum deposit required. This is a great solution for businesses and individuals who need a powerful current account with the ability to use many different currencies.

-Full Internet banking access (in English, French, German and Italian)
-International debit card to withdraw funds at ATMs worldwide
-No minimum balance requirements
-Your own account officer in your own language
-Multiple currencies accounts available
-Security of your deposits
-Swiss bank secrecy



Swiss Banking


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Under the Switzerland 's constitution the Banks in Switzerland have to keep all information about their clients strictly confidential. The Constitution clearly defines and protects these Secrecy rules. These secrecy laws are the prime reason why people choose to open a Swiss Account to protect their assests. You too can also have a Swiss Account within a few days -all withuot any hassels and paper work nightmare.


Main Features

Min balance

No minimum balance required.

Available currencies
Australian Dollar, British pound, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Euro, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krone, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, Yen.

Setup Requirements
You need a notarized photocopy of your passport with an apostille.

Internet banking
Excellent internet banking system in your local language.

No maintenance fee


No additional fees for opening


Easy opening by Mail


Deposit cheques by mail


Strong Swiss banking secrecy


Correspondence language in major languages


VISA /-Mastercard GOLD credit card


24 h full access online banking


Access to international wire

Open Account with Swiss bank


MySwissBanking helps you open your bank account with one of the top swiss banks...


Swiss bank Account


London, UK.

Thank you for helping me open a Swiss account. I got information within hours !...

New Jersey , USA

I really needed a Multi Currency account as I travel very frequently. You made it very easy for me to open a Swiss Account...


New Delhi , India

My friends spent so much money on lawyers and months to open a Swiss Account and I did that so easily and inexpensively. I did not need a lawyer to open a Swiss Account...


Tokyo, Japan

The Swiss Account gives me so much freedom and choice in banking. The Multi Currency accounts are real money saving…


Toronto, Canada

Thank you for your help—I received my Swiss account today. Prior to getting in touch with you, I flew to Bahamas to open a offshore account. It was so expensive and was a paperwork nightmare, even then I was not able to open an offshore account. The valuable information you provided and the help you rendered is greatly appreciated…




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