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1) Private Individual Account : $1,000
Swiss  Multi-Currency Account for a Private Individual:


To begin with, you will need to send us our consulting fees. Sorry, we will not respond to enquiries of those who have not paid the fees.  Contact  us at  and state your preferred mode of payment.  We accept 

1.     Certified Cheque cashable at our bank in Canada

2.     Certified Bank Draft, acceptable by our bankers

3.     Western  Union

4.     Wired deposit to our Account

5.     Payment by a credit card


Please note the private individual Swiss account is for savings and investments; the Swiss bank will refuse to open an account if  the Bank suspects that it will be used primarily as a clearing account. 


Unlike many on the net who require you to visit Switzerland for a private interview with the Bank,  incredible amount of paper work, a large initial deposit and  expense, we are known to save our clients time, money and unnecessary aggravation.



As simple as 1-2-3.

  • Yo send us the consulting fees through one of the accepted payment methods.
  • Within 24 hours of  the receipt of your  payment, you will be  provided access to the website to fill  a brief form and provide your name and address for getting the account opening package.


Our Guarantee –If your application is submitted for a Private Individual Swiss Account to be used for saving and investment purposes only with a minimum deposit of $10,000 and bank refuses to open an account for you,  we will refund your money in FULL.

  **Among the earliest on the web –providing help and guidance to open a Swiss Account to people from all over the world”. 




Open Account with Swiss bank


MySwissBanking helps you open your bank account with one of the top swiss banks...


Swiss bank Account


London, UK.

Thank you for helping me open a Swiss account. I got information within hours !...

New Jersey , USA

I really needed a Multi Currency account as I travel very frequently. You made it very easy for me to open a Swiss Account...


New Delhi , India

My friends spent so much money on lawyers and months to open a Swiss Account and I did that so easily and inexpensively. I did not need a lawyer to open a Swiss Account...


Tokyo, Japan

The Swiss Account gives me so much freedom and choice in banking. The Multi Currency accounts are real money saving…


Toronto, Canada

Thank you for your help—I received my Swiss account today. Prior to getting in touch with you, I flew to Bahamas to open a offshore account. It was so expensive and was a paperwork nightmare, even then I was not able to open an offshore account. The valuable information you provided and the help you rendered is greatly appreciated…




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