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A Private Personal Swiss Bank Account
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Only as Little as $10,000 Deposit

Do you need a Swiss Private Bank Account? We can help you open one in Switzeraland.

Confidential Swiss account

The original site that has helped thousands open a Completely Confidential Swiss account

It used to be very costly and difficult to open a Swiss Bank Account. This has now changed quite substantially since the beginning of the internet age. You can now have a swiss bank account opened by just clicking away in front of your computer thanks to our Swiss bank account brokerage service.



You can start immediately:

1. A Private Individual Account:

This account offers powerful Internet Banking features at a reasonable price and with no minimum balance requirements. With this bank account you can deposit your money in more than 10 different currencies. Ideal for more demanding customers.



We are NOT a bank; we are consultants who help to open a Swiss Account. However, we cannot and will not help open a Swiss Account for Nationals of countries where having such accounts is prohibited.  Please check with your government authorities.


Open Account with Swiss bank


MySwissBanking helps you open your bank account with one of the top swiss banks...


Swiss bank Account


London, UK.

Thank you for helping me open a Swiss account. I got information within hours !...

New Jersey , USA

I really needed a Multi Currency account as I travel very frequently. You made it very easy for me to open a Swiss Account...


New Delhi , India

My friends spent so much money on lawyers and months to open a Swiss Account and I did that so easily and inexpensively. I did not need a lawyer to open a Swiss Account...


Tokyo, Japan

The Swiss Account gives me so much freedom and choice in banking. The Multi Currency accounts are real money saving…


Toronto, Canada

Thank you for your help—I received my Swiss account today. Prior to getting in touch with you, I flew to Bahamas to open a offshore account. It was so expensive and was a paperwork nightmare, even then I was not able to open an offshore account. The valuable information you provided and the help you rendered is greatly appreciated…




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